Friday, December 31, 2010

Next Fitness Craze

While in Kentucky this past week, I stumbled on the next great fitness craze!   It's a total body work out and an amazing cardiovascular event.   As an added bonus, it's perfect for those with wheat sensitivities!   As many calories as you'll consume in a year, you will burn off with this workout!

I really think if I can market this right, I am going to be able to easily fund my children's college accounts!   Here it is...


I know.   It doesn't sound very sexy, does it?   Have you ever tried it?   It's amazing!   If you're not convinced, give me a chance in the next paragraph and follow my logic.

The actual grinding combines the disciplines of Yoga & Pilates (movement radiating from center as well as a moving meditation) with a phenomenal upper and lower body workout.   Imagine repetitive squats while your arms work through a 360 degree circle (think martial arts).   Now this circular motion has a lot of resistance, especially when a kernel gets jammed in the chute.   The resistance helps increase your heart rate.   Within seconds, you are well beyond your target heart rate and exceeding your maximum rate for your age (beats any wild Spin class!).

You just gotta try it!   I swear you will be impressed!

Now, if we could get the whole country grinding... WOW!   Even better, what if we started from seed?   What if we tilled the soil by hand?   Planted kernels.   Protected the corn from crows while it grew.  Harvested the corn by hand.   Dried it for several months.   And then, ground it?   Imagine.

I think we'd eat less because we'd appreciate the source more.

Well, in Kentucky this week, I was reminded that this is what my mother-in-law has done for over 70 years.   For the past 2 years, we've made a road trip and ground the corn for her - a year's supply of corn meal.

In 2011, may we all be more connected to our food, where it comes from, and know whose hands have touched it.   May they be loving hands.   And most of all, may the hands not be interested in a "get rich" scheme that jeopardizes the well-being of all.

Giving thanks to those who work with the Earth and bring food to my table with honesty and integrity.

Now, get grinding!