Thursday, December 23, 2010

Blank Sign

I've been staring at a blank sign.   The past few days, as I've sat at the traffic light for my neighborhood, there it stands - a flimsy wire frame sunk into the Earth with no message - just a plain white plastic coated piece of paper.

Hard to believe.   I kept thinking maybe the message faded off.  Yet, it's a new arrival on a corner piece of real estate firmly governed by an established community's covenants and restrictions.   Some one should remove it, soon.  

Maybe it's still standing because it's not breaking any rules.   It's not advertising anything.   Nothing to buy.   Nothing to sell.   Nothing lost.   Nothing found.   Nothing to give or receive.

How refreshing!   It's not telling me anything.  Or is it?

In November, one of my students sent me a touching email quoting from Kahlil Gibran's book, The Prophet.  I've been re-reading his words this week.

"Only when you are empty are you at standstill and balanced."



I now find myself looking at all the blank signs at the beach.   There's so much space available - so many empty places.

I've been waiting for a sign.

Another student told me that when we are waiting, it's an opportunity for meditation.

I wait a lot - especially for my children who are full of life and actively engaged in the world.

So this is my gift to me.   A blank sign.   An opportunity to connect with the space between.    The space between everything that demands my focus: my children, my husband, my work, my breath.   I inhale and exhale finding the space between....

"Time is the space between you and me."

It's here in this space that Peace resides.   Peace be with you.