Monday, October 26, 2009


As we venture deeper into our studies, we examine the Chakras more fully & relate them to our personal stories. When studying the Chakras, we learn that there are counter forces that oppose the natural activity of a Chakra. When we recognize this, we can actually become stronger due to awareness. If we acknowledge the opposing force, we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves. As an example, to acknowledge that we have fear - allows us to face the fear & understand its origins -which eventually leads to us being more confident. Another example is to recognize our grief which facilitates healing and permits our heart to be lighter. Here's a list of the Chakras and their corresponding counter forces.

1. Muladhara - fear
2. Svadhisthana - guilt
3. Manipura - shame
4. Anahata - grief
5. Vissudha - lies
6. Ajna - illusion
7. Sahasrara - attachment

Sunday, October 25, 2009


We are lots of layers. In addition to skin, fascia, muscle, & bone, we also have sheaths that in yoga are called koshas. Here's a simple summary.

Physical Body - Annamaya Kosha
our physical systems & aryuvedic dosha

Energy Body - Pranamaya Kosha
our subtle breath, pranavayus, nadhis & chakras

Emotional Body - Manomaya Kosha
our emotions, thought patterns & gunas

Wisdom Body - Vijnyanamaya Kosha
our witness, intuition, & unveiling beliefs

Bliss Body - Anandamaya Kosha
our natural mind, peace, knowing, & rapture

Friday, October 23, 2009


One of the most amazing gifts for me is to witness someone's change process. Each private session with a student, I am honored to receive this spectacular gift. My students are open to taking photos before & after a session as well as many months later. We marvel at the details & subtle shifts. Being able to see & see clearly -- and to help others see themselves clearly is something I've learned & continue to learn from my teachers. In fact, each teacher training I attend - I myself am in a process of change & discovery. Each time I come to my mat for personal practice, each time I ask my friends to help me see myself more clearly - I evolve my understanding. May each of us continue to witness on all levels.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Finding Your Teacher

Today I had a wonderful conversation with Yoga Ananda's owner, Melissa Johnson. One of the things we discussed was "finding your teacher." What I love about the program we are offering here in Jacksonville - connects with "finding your teacher." Our intention is to expose you to many different facets, faces, & fantastic points of view. Through this offering you may discover a calling to study deeper with a particular teacher. It's an amazing gift to find someone who resonates with you & has the ability to see you clearly as well as provide insight.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mary Bond!

I am really tickled! Mary Bond, who trained with Ida Rolf & is a movement instructor at the Rolf Institute, is coming to Jacksonville October 2010! One of her books, The New Rules of Posture, has been a tremendous resource for me. Mary considers this book "an owner's manual for your body." I think she sums it up well in the book's Preface. Mary writes, "The rules are new because they differ from the old rules, which teach posture as body alignment that is unrelated to what we feel. These new rules apply to our whole experience of living in our bodies as we move in relationship to the world around us." We are in for a real treat this time next year!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Back It Up

One of the things I have loved about studying with Jenny Otto is that she's really clear. This week, I have worked with several students who are living with back pain. In Yoga Therapy, it's elementary -- we must teach people with back pain to be in their legs more. It's one thing to say this... another thing to teach it to someone. How do you teach someone to be in their legs? Most individual's first reaction is -- "I am standing on my legs. Aren't I using them?" Over the years, Jenny has taught me so many fantastic ways to reach people & get them to feel their legs -- and not just their upper legs - but also their lower legs & feet. What I've learned too is that often tissue needs to open first before engagement. Come learn more with us in 2010!