Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spinach's Hollow Tubes

Harvesting our garden's abundance, I made spinach walnut pesto today.  Since our crop is huge and to save time, I picked a few spinach stalks and quickly snipped the leaves.   I had no idea that the main stalk was just a hollow tube - a marvel that got me thinking.

With my bare feet in the soil, I pictured the hollow tubes inside of me.   Fallopian tubes.  Aorta.  Ureter.  Intestines.  Esophagus.  Colon.   Eustachian tube.  Bones. We are an amazing creation!

Like the spinach stalk, we want our bodies' walls to hold structural integrity.   Allowing free flow and unobstructed exchange of materials - permeable when needed and a barrier at other times.   Our tubular construction allows us to be light.

For the size of the spinach stalk, it, too, is extremely light and the outer walls strong.  I can see all the way up the tube - a soft green light bathes the empty space.  

We are nothing but space.   Scientists continue to prove we are mostly made up of space.   When we look at the smallest building blocks in our bodies - there's lots of space.   Somehow, we have organized into this creation.

Touch your fingers together.  The only reason when we touch our fingers together that they don't just pass through each other or merge is that the atoms are repelling each other.

So, I am thinking - the only thing holding us back from complete dissolution or complete absorption is our repulsion to the idea.