Monday, March 7, 2011

Moving Hearts

We have all experienced our hearts moving.  It's even a cliched saying... google it.   "He/she/it moved my heart."    There's a coming home when we recognize the moments when we literally feel our heart shift.  Maybe it was the flutter of your heart at the moment of a sweet, tender, first kiss.   Perhaps, it was the birth of a child - and you felt your heart move through expansion.   Maybe it was witnessing a disaster story - hurricane, tsunami, earthquake - and another individual's struggles moved your heart to feel their pain.   Perhaps it was your own grief that you felt the ache of holding on or the heart gripping in fear.   Our hearts move all the time - both in beat and emotion.   Our practice is to celebrate the spectrum in the light and the dark.  It's all there for us to know better - to sense and feel the texture of our experience - to see ourselves more clearly.   The full spectrum of the heart's movement is life.    It's not the isolated moments of the kiss, the birth, death, ending of a relationship -- it's the transitions and how our  heart can freely move between these places that is life.  We welcome it all.   This is what we celebrate - that our hearts continue to flow.   Our hearts continue to beat.   And we support each beat of our heart with our breath.   The inhale of infinite possibilities.   Infinite ways to respond to what is occurring right now.   The exhale - letting go and trusting that our hearts truly will "go on."