Saturday, January 15, 2011

What's In - 2011!

Growing up in the D.C. metropolitan area, one of my favorite things to read each New Year was The Washington Post's List of What's In & Out.   I often come up with my own list - certainly not as long or covering as many categories.   My students often hear my "predictions" in class.   This year, I thought I'd share my thoughts publicly.

Over the next 5 years, I anticipate our increasing awareness and marketing of these 4 things:

If you've not heard about this connective tissue, google it and join the fan base!  Here's a great two-part article.  

This is the root of all our ailments - so some say.   If we can decrease inflammation in the body, we can cure many chronic complaints.    Of course, I have specific opinions on how to decrease inflammation that include a whole foods diet and natural remedies before trying synthetic alternatives.   Top researchers are on this topic and more articles about their work are appearing in the mainstream press.

Curvi-Linear Movement
We move in arcs and curves -- not straight lines.   We will see more movement modalities focusing on movement that is not purely linear.   A benefit of this type of movement?  Opening fascia & decreasing inflammation.

This one will be hard for most Americans to digest.   I think we'll join the rest of the world and will eat insects as a protein source fairly soon.  Of course, it will have to show up in a protein bar that's marketed for weight loss or as a no-fat protein powder added to smoothies.   And, this protein source will need a fancy name disguising that it's insects.   I think we Floridians could make millions from this - especially with the size of some of the Palmetto bugs living in the walls of our homes! : )

My advice for all of us in 2011, ask lots of questions.   Quoting from the documentary Enlighten Up, Gurusharanananda said, "There are no stupid questions.   Only stupid answers."