Thursday, January 27, 2011

Driving with the Brakes On

I just pulled in my driveway.   As I stopped the car to grab the mail, I set the parking brake.   As I continued my slow journey up the drive to the garage, I realized the brake was still on.   Have you ever driven with the brakes on?   You can feel the drag inhibiting movement!

Well, today, I sensed my body's brakes more fully - the brakes that turn on in my right leg and hips to inhibit my full movement potential.   What a great realization!   I am so grateful to be studying with Iyengar teacher, Betty Larsen and her partner, John Charping.   I highly value their clear teaching and generosity as I am learning new ways to access my body.  I do have to admit that at one point, Betty did have me literally on bended knee and questioning my muster.

As I think about these braking mechanisms in our body, I wonder their reasons.

Is it fear?
Fear of physical pain?  Mental pain?
My body's protection of something that has yet to be revealed to me?
Or can I fall back on my joint dis-ease as primary culprit?

We not only have brakes in our physical body, but also in our relationships with others and our selves.   I can think of all the times I held back, stopped short of giving and loving more fully.

As I study with senior teachers who so easily give what they love, I gain more insight into this practice.

Offering thanks to all the teachers who have come before me.