Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Who Made the Stars?

The other day, my daughter & I stopped by a favorite store in Neptune Beach called A World Away.   One of the items we purchased was a palm leaf star valance made in Bangladesh.   The artisan listed for the valance was Prokritee.

When I got home, I couldn't stop from wondering about the spelling of Prokritee & it's similarity to the Sanskrit word Prakriti.   I looked at my notes from a 2007 Rod Stryker lecture and re-affirmed Prakriti's definition.   Rod told us that Prakriti is the ephemeral, everlasting presence - the force that brings everything into being.   As the source of origin, Prakriti manifests through the 3 Gunas:   Tamas, Rajas, & Sattwa.  Rod stated that before something can come into being one of the 3 Gunas has to become slightly more activated.

Before I looked up Prokritee on the internet & found out it was an agency involved in fair trade, I had a whole wonderful story made up in my mind.   I imagined the buyer of the container full of star valances realizing that he needed a specific name of the artist who hand made these stars.   So, the buyer asks the vendor, "Who made the stars?"    The vendor replies, Prakriti.

This time of the year, it's hard to be certain our hands are clean.   I think that's why I initially became intrigued by exactly who made the star valance.   I am like a majority of Americans.   I love a sale and often wait until after the Christmas rush to go shopping for my children's clothes.   While I enjoy the discounts for my pocket book, I regularly think about a song my long time buddy, Kim Kranich, shared with me nearly 20 years ago.   Are My Hands Clean by Sweet Honey in the Rock is a powerful commentary on our connection to the goods created by the world & purchased by us here in the States.

I just let out a big & long sigh.   I'm not sure how we can make a difference in this chain - other than continue to be more mindful of who, what, where, why, & how.   And for me, I'll keep giving my thanks at the feet of the One who made the stars.