Monday, December 14, 2009

Breeding Ground

This past weekend, I formally completed my Pilates Equipment training (although we never are really "done"). I know. I know. This is a blog about Advanced Yoga Studies. Please let me explain further. : ) At the end of the training, I thanked Vicki Sullivan who has been locally hosting & teaching the advanced Pilates studies. One of the things I joked about was that she was "breeding her competition" by offering teacher training here in Jacksonville. I love Vicki for many reasons - and specifically because we have a similar passion for knowledge & to share knowledge. Individuals who offer teacher training have a unique point of view. They often don't see sharing knowledge as a threat. Quite clearly, these individuals see abundance - and are really excited when people "get it." So, today, I was on the phone with a phenomenal yoga teacher from the northeast, Linda Howard. She expressed how excited she was for our community here in the southeast - and our willingness to grow. She told me, "You know, Lisa, you are bringing one of the top teachers in the country to Jacksonville." She was talking about Jenny Otto. I have goose bumps. I am truly tickled to share the deeper journey with you & am honored to facilitate the offerings here in Jacksonville.