Thursday, September 8, 2016

I Love the Deep Front Line!

With permission from Tom Myers, I share this image. It’s the breathing or respiratory diaphragm, as he and others dissected it as part of the continuous and amazing Deep Front Line of the body. Through his company, Kinesis®, and Anatomy Trains® teachings, many are being exposed to a comprehensive explanation of the anatomy and function of the myofascial system.

My senior Yoga teacher, Jenny Otto (Kinesis Certified & Anusara Certified) opened my eyes to this world view. Since 2005, I have been exploring this model even attending several Anatomy Trains training sessions. As well, over the years, I have hosted pot-luck gatherings at my house for teachers and body workers to watch Tom Myers’ videos so we may share and discuss concepts. It’s been Jenny, though, who has taught me how to feel the lines in my body. And therefore, help my students begin to see & feel from this empowering perspective.

At a recent Pilates conference, just about every senior teacher I studied with presented from the assumption that all in the room understood the body from the Anatomy Trains® lines perpective.

If you’re not on “the Train,”  I encourage you to begin the journey.  There’s no particular destination, only deeper understanding, a profound awe, and a marvelous inquiry as we seek.

Enjoy the ride!

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