Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Composing Body, Mind, and Breath

Yep, that’s me! Looking like I’m going to fall into the icy water of Glacier Bay in Alaska! All of us seek balance in our lives! In yoga, we spend time balancing in our physical bodies -- finding ways to create evenness -- muscles doing exactly what they are supposed to do, with the right amount of energy, at the right time.

We practice a lot of poses where we balance on one foot or on our arms. Finding the middle ground is a balance of two opposites. In my classes, we often explore the seemingly contradictory concepts of hugging in while at the same time extending out. Between these two extremes, we find the balance -- the equanimity in a pose. In Anusara, we call it "balanced action." We are always balancing!!!

I learn a lot about words through my yoga studies. Sometimes it’s tracing common English words back to their roots in Sanskrit.  Other times, it’s stumbling upon a word that keeps popping up in my training.  Equanimity is one of those words that keeps showing up in my readings and in workshops.  Equanimity means evenness of mind; composure.

I know for me, I often come to practice with my mind out of balance. And when I finish my physical practice - there’s a renewed evenness to my breath and mind. I am composed.

During practice, we are composing a symphony of body, mind and breath.
The instrument we play is our physical body - the most amazing machine ever built by the Creator.

Striving for balanced action allows us to stay out of the icy waters and soar into the heavens.

May each of us find equanimity.

first published online at www.LongLisa.com  copyright  2007 Lisa A. Long