Sunday, May 15, 2011

Of Service

36 hours from now it will all be over. Kitchen will be clean. Linens washed. Lights out. And I'll be in bed.  

400 people fed.

For the past 7 years, I've coordinated the volunteer effort at our church for First Communion Dinner.   We begin setting up for tomorrow night's dinner in an hour.  

I always marvel at how folks come together to pull off big events. A dark, empty echo-filled space turns into a magical, festive gathering filled with light and laughter and then returns to its original state.  This is the wave cycle of all manifestation.

People come together to be of service - to serve one another. It's what I believe we are called to do.

Today, I enjoyed a morning Yoga practice with a room of strangers, a well versed teacher, and an accomplished group of musicians - coming together to be of service to the greater Jacksonville community.

This morning, I was given the gift of a new awareness of how to be humble and serve with an open heart. Appropriate as I head into my service work this afternoon!

In the physical practice of Yoga, the asanas or postures, we often think of forward bending as a time to bow down to the Highest. Typically, in forward bends, I connect with the inward turn, the opportunity to reflect on my own heart while bowing to the Great Heart.

This morning, while in Baddha Konasana (bound angle pose), I went into a forward bend. The Assistant came by and walked his fingers up my spine from just behind my heart to the base of my neck. A soft, gentle reminder was all that I needed.

While we are honoring the Divine Heart, we long to connect to this Love. So, even in a forward bend, we have the opportunity to "Lift up our hearts to the Lord."

I guess I've been caught up in the idea that my heart lifts in backbends and standing poses.  

Wow, what a thought that I can be close to the earth in a position of surrender and still extend my heart - reaching and expanding into the Presence that connects us all.

I knew this. I just needed a reminder. I needed someone to serve me.

The lights are still on. We are all gathered here. And it's not time, yet, for our final rest. So, let's keep feeding one another!

May we continue to serve well.