Monday, November 9, 2009

Your Attention, Please

Last Spring, I spent a weekend shifting with Glenn Hartelius. I recall him stating that many of us have "sensory motor amnesia." We have lost contact with parts of our body. Through his training, Attention Dynamics, he taught us how to regain access to our insides and what we are able to perceive. Glenn gave us easy techniques to locate "deep center." He first asked us to find our attention; focus our attention; and then shift our attention. During the weekend, he also enlightened us on what he called "energy ethics." He said that energy is not like flower petals that you bestow everywhere. Energy impacts other people. If we do something energetically, then we must be responsible. From what I understood from Glenn, he firmly believes that energy does work. Energy has impact. Energy is intimate. He clearly said that just sending someone "positive thoughts" or "good energy" is not ethical. We must exchange energy with consent. I distinctly recall him stating, "Covert energy work is not cool." In the 6 months, since studying with Glenn, I have grown to more fully appreciate my weekend training with him.